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Paris & France floods & storms could cost insurers over EUR2bn: MAIF


The insurance coverage industry expense from serious flooding and storms impacting Paris and surrounding regions of France will be as much as EUR2 billion ($2.3 billion) or more, according to Pascal Demurger, director general of French shared insurance providers group the MAIF.

Speaking with news firms yesterday, Demurger stated that his Organisation (the Mutuelle d Assurance des Instituteurs de France) believes that the costs for insurance coverage and possibly reinsurance markets to pay for will be at least 3 times that seen in the 2015 southeastern France floods, which cost around EUR600m.


Demurger suggested the expense will wind up in the area of EUR2 billion (one news company reported EUR1.8 bn ($2.1 bn) to EUR2.4 bn ($2.7 bn) as the potential variety), which would be a significant impact to the French insurance coverage industry if so, with significant main insurance companies most likely to take a big retention and a few of the loss being handed down to international reinsurance markets, if the final bill is certainly that high.


With flooding still ongoing, the Seine in Paris has now reached a peak it is thought however there are even more thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow (Sunday) which could cause more increases in river levels.


Demurger stated that even when the waters do start to subside it would be some days or weeks before flood waters receded entirely and that when this stagnant water is sitting in residential areas it can trigger the best levels of damage. Up until now over 43,000 claims cases have actually been lodged which number is rising, however with flooding ongoing lots of insurance claims will not yet have been informed and the total is expected to be substantially higher.


Insurance providers Cova and Macif are stated to be most exposed up until now, with 15,000 and 11,300 insurance claims signed up respectively from storms and flooding in the last week. Axa has about 2,900 insurance claims, Groupama 1,800, Generali around 1,100, Matmut 5,000 and the MAIF over 6,300. These figures are as at Friday 3rd, so will have risen significantly greater it is thought by the start of next week.


Bernard Spitz, President of the French insurance association said that he anticipates the insurance coverage market loss from the flooding and storms in France will be greater than seen in 2015 (EUR600m). However,Demurger stated a minimum of three times that number and if the hazard of additional storms and floods in the next number of days’ manifests, the final bill might keep rising.

Demurger quote of 3 times the cost of 2015 floods is simply for personal insurance claims and does not consist of any quote of commercial insurance claims, so he stated the final costs is likely to be around EUR2 billion.


With storm damage and flooding likewise impacting Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic in the recently European insurance coverage and reinsurance companies, as well as international reinsurance players with direct exposure, might find themselves picking up rather a costs.

Again, the size of the losses is never ever going to turn this soft reinsurance market by themselves, however contributed to the global catastrophe and severe weather condition experience of the last few months the reinsurance bill is enhancing and could trigger some business to question the very low rates, especially in Europe, that property disaster reinsurance cover has actually been cost lately.

As ever, there is a possibility of some insurance-linked investment fund or ILS exposure, either to ILS supervisors underwriting European disaster reinsurance on a collateralized basis, providers of collateralized retrocession or through reinsurance sidecars which take quota shares from the leading reinsurers.


The size of the possible loss likewise demonstrates that there might be a roll for flood catastrophe bonds in significant European cities such as Paris, in addition to for the much-discussed strength bonds, which incorporate disaster risk transfer with resistant facilities advancement.


With Paris still awash, more storms en route for Europe and the weather pattern looking fairly locked for the next few days, the eventual bill for insurance and reinsurance capital to settle appearances set to grow.




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